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Written on 09.26.11 by William Bowers

Ronson Corporation: Windii lighter
Ronson Corporation
"Windii" lighter

Northamptonshire, UK


Ronson Corporation, "Windii" lighter

I've never tried to burn down churches in Norway for desecrating Pagan holy ground, but if I did, I'd want my Ronson Windii windproof lighter by my side.

I bought this little beauty off of ebay as a cheap alternate ($9) to a Zippo lighter. I had been starting to lose feeling in the tip of my thumb from using disposable lighters to start my pipe, so I thought that it was time to upgrade to a proper fluid lighter.

I wanted something under $10 with a nice plain finish that didn't contain pot leaves or middle fingers or other "Hot Topic" specials. The Ronson Windii was the perfect solution.

Stamped only with the logo, the bright silver finish gave beautiful appeal to this lighter, and the price sealed the deal. For said price, I have not been disappointed. This being said, the lighter is far from windproof and can be blown out with nothing but one's breath. Regardless, I have yet to find a fluid lighter that is actually windproof. The Windii also has a horrible tendency to go out when tilted sideways, which is great for not starting a horrible fire and up looking like V,

EDITOR'S NOTE: What a terribly random reference!

but a bit troublesome for pipes. This, of course, can be combated with some clever lighting skills and is hardly bothersome considering the cost. You cannot go wrong here.

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