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Domovoi Records

was a tiny label that truly began in a basement in January of 2006 as an idea. I released twenty different cassette tapes, under a different name, for local French Black Metal and Doom bands, and a handful of acoustic singles. All of these cassettes are now long gone.

Domovoi Records is now dead, but before its timely death, it was based out of Texas, and released one spectacular album, Mike Bruno's CD-R, In Memory. A live collection of songs, a beautiful piece of work, and a fitting way to say both hello and goodbye.

Thank you, to everyone who ever believed in Domovoi, even for a minute, in any sense. I've loved this name for some time, and it will not be lost. You can rest assured that it will not go unseen for too long.

Mike Bruno

has been devotedly writing and recording simple yet powerfully evocative songs on his acoustic guitar for close to a decade now. Self proclaimed as "some kid playing other kids' guitars badly, and it's obnoxious", his work far exceeds his words. But only those ten, as the lyrics to his strummed and plucked songs evoke deep seated thoughts pertaining to love, relationships, and loss, and certainly not the kind which you would normally expect from a soft voice and wooded guitar. His voice is what plays so well into all of this, with a range that veers from soft and whispered to raw and searing. One of my personal favourite 'acoustic-folk' makers of eternity.

Mike also founded and operates Marygarden Tapes and has numerous side projects, the most prominent of which being the newly-formed doomish folk group the Black Magic Family Band.

DOM001   Mike Bruno "In Memory" CD-R

was released Oktobre 5th, 2009, and limited to 43 hand-numbered copies in a handmade paper booklet case with artwork by Amanda Boutourline and D.S. Ciarán

Twenty three tracks of raw, emotional, and deeply cathartic acoustic songs, seemingly wrenched from the deepest, darkest corners a guitar can go whilst being plucked and strummed this gently. Mike's voice truly transcends the barrier between 'barely there' and absolutely destructive. All live tracks recorded over the span of five years, all over New Jersey. A true gem from a great friend, and my personal favourite underground acoustic album of the year.

Our one and only release under this name. The album title is fitting, I think.

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